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Testosterone Boosters

By admin | April 27, 2018

A Well-Fitting Supplement Recommendation

There is no one solution for boosting testosterone levels, no matter how awesome it would be. We recommend adding testosterone supplementation in the right order depending on the desired results. Let’s run through some general recommendations, starting with a peak testosterone user and then going into more depth when considering other options. First and foremost, if your goal is peak testosterone, testing is your best bet to make sure you are progressing towards your testosterone goals. Although one steroid and one study can’t do the job, it can be easier for people to connect the dots between studies on the merits of testosterone enhancement and direct evidence.

If you are planning on adding in more performance enhancing elements, like asymptomatic decline and anabolic-androgenic window or even athletic growth, an adequate supplementation will not only lower your overall cortisol levels, but also help you reach a deeper plateau and thus better perform. If you’re looking for better hair, strength and stamina, buy something with more of a manly vibe, as you’ll also need to be able to run and train harder.

Then there’s the issue of supplementation dosage. Clearly, 10 mg of testosterone is too much for most average men (otherwise you’d be dead). While it is reasonable to find a supplement that will do the job, it’s still best to start small and then ramp it up. Also, keep in mind that peak hormone levels come from combination with other factors, such as exercise. When you’re not going hard enough to actually see an increase in hormonal levels, it is probably time to examine alternative options. If you’re in the mood for an improved sexual disposition, getting more attractive, more confident, or even just doing better at being “hot,” a larger dose of testosterone is going to help. Lastly, testosterone supplementation is best done in the right environment. Sleep better. Rest better. Eat and drink right. Elevate your mind. As you should know by now, you don’t need to sit in your house all day, but your body certainly can’t get much better than this. And if you feel it too much, well, make a supplement! Whatever you do, just make sure it’s right for you. One last thing to consider is how your body reacts to an increase in testosterone. It takes a number of weeks to see real changes, however, some users report higher levels, while others find a lack of change or even a drop in performance, and most experience not an appreciable difference at all. Testosterone boosters are always a sub-set of enhancing supplements, though – supplements that may or may not lead to noticeable results in one’s overall performance and physique.

Do Testosterone Boosters Increase Energy or Performance?
The best testosterone booster is all the rage in modern America. They are among the most popular way to get to the “new you,” making natural or synthetic “sports” supplements a wide industry now. Some sources offer to test your bio-indicator blood, which can measure the levels of testosterone (T) and cortisol (C) in your body. There’s even a synthetic, rapid-acting testosterone booster, TestaSilk, that claims to be guaranteed to boost your T from a mere 350ngdL (≈0.2mgdL) to nearly 5,000ngdL (≈2.8mgdL). Those are stats that should make any testosterone user want to do something about it. But just as often as they boost T, or increase your stamina, or add to your mental clarity and attractiveness, or do just about anything else, they also reduce energy and performance. Much of this is attributed to “toxic” traces of the so-called anabolic steroid dianabol an anti-androgen that limits your production of healthy testosterone. Despite the controversy over the negative effects of certain anabolic steroids (and many modern analogs), anabolic steroids like Dianabol don’t generally have the side effects of chronic, bio-identical T boosters.

You get the sense that there’s a quick rise in T production that matches the advertised effect; the mood, sexiness, work ethic, health, and athletic prowess can all remain intact. You just end up with less time and energy or simply more tired when trying to work or perform at your best. So is it really necessary to pay a premium to inject $50+ worth of testosterone into your body? While you can argue that steroid injections don’t help create a positive environment conducive to personal development, they have their place. The time and money it takes to produce a “better you” are huge issues that they alleviate or at least defer. In the process, though, the hope is that more of the “you” you deserve will find you. But just because most people don’t know what to do with themselves, don’t let the lack of knowledge stop you from giving yourself the best shot. Following a day of vigorous practice, it’s time to take a break — and a caffeine hit is always welcome. Why would anyone not take a regular dose of caffeine before practice? Although the above may seem a tad harsh, such a regimen won’t merely help you recuperate; it will teach you what you need to practice the best that you can. Developing those techniques will help you better enjoy that extended break that you’ve made into a habit ultimately creating an essential source of self-improvement.

Still Want More? Perhaps you want to dig deeper and purchase a testosterone supplement you know, before the inevitable return to drugs inevitably comes. Some individuals consider TestaSilk and Androsurge to be standard “formulas,” but you may be surprised to know that those supplements don’t work so well for every individual. While those products may offer quality (if not quantity), they will not turn your body into a shape people look for when it comes to athletic success.

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