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Get a Flatter Tummy Fast!

By Anne Keckler | February 8, 2008

In three weeks, or slightly less, I’m going to Cancun on a business-related trip with my husband. Needless to say, we both want to look our best on the beach! As with most people, and especially people our age, the biggest problem is the abdominal area. We’d love to have flat tummies and washboard abs, but we have less than three weeks! How can we look at least a little better in such a short amount of time?

First, let’s bust a few myths about tummy flattening.

You cannot get a flat tummy by doing tons of crunches or situps. You cannot get rid of your lovehandles by working your obliques. There is no such thing as spot reducing.

It’s good to work your abdominal muscles, as well as your back muscles. This area is commonly referred to as your “core.” Having a strong core will improve your posture, reduce back problems, and give you a six-pack — after you’ve lost the layer of fat covering the muscles!

The only way to get those washboard abs you want is to lose the fat. When you lose fat, you will lose it in genetically pre-determined ways. You might lose it from your thighs first, or your hips, or even your chest. Eventually, when you lose enough fat, you will lose it all over. But where you lose it first is outside of your control.

But this article isn’t really about that. I’ll write more about fat loss another time.

Today I want to tell you some simple things you can do to flatten your tummy a little right away. This is great if you have an event coming up very soon, and you won’t have time to lose any significant amount of weight. Remember, this is not a substitute for regular, ongoing diet and exercise!

With that in mind, here’s what you should do to get a flatter tummy fast:

  1. Eat fewer carbs. If you are eating a lot of carbs, you will retain more water and you’ll be bloated.
  2. Likewise, decrease salt intake. Salt also makes you retain water. Salt hides in everything these days, so read labels and watch the sodium content.
  3. Take a fiber supplement every day. Fiber helps your body to rid itself of fat cells, and it makes you feel more full so it will be easier for you to eat less.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This is especially important when you are taking a fiber supplement, to prevent constipation.
  5. Do some cardio exercise every single day between now and the big event.
  6. Eat small meals four to five times a day. Don’t allow yourself to get full, as that distends the stomach.
  7. Take probiotics, which help your digestion.
  8. If you are prone to bloating and gasiness, take Beano, Flatulex, or Gas-X. Also, avoid drinking through a straw or chewing gum, both of which cause you to swallow air, and can cause gas and bloating.
  9. Avoid the common gas-producing foods, such as cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables, beans, fatty foods, and carbonated beverages.
  10. Consider the possibility that you may have a food allergy or intolerance. The most common are wheat (gluten) and dairy (lactose). Try eliminating them from your diet, at least temporarily, or find gluten- and lactose-free alternatives.
  11. Consider an epsom salt bath, or even a body wrap, to temporarily shed excess water weight.

If you follow these recommendations, your tummy should be flatter in no time! But keep working to get rid of excess bodyfat for more permanent results.

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One Response to “Get a Flatter Tummy Fast!”

  1. Vicham Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 11:11 am

    I have a younger cousin who wants to do just this: Flatten her stomach. Specifically, she wants to see a six pack eventually, and she was convinced she would achieve the desired results by doing obscene amounts of crunches/situps. I informed her that she can’t spot reduce, as you state here. If only I had her IM/email info…I’d link her to this post. 🙂


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